News junkies, transform your iPhone in a 24/7 personal TV channel

August 9, 2016

Watchup 4.0 has just been redesigned for the iPhone! The app is 3x faster than before, it’s fully customizable and it comes with a uniquely resizable player and our latest machine learning technology. Try it out. It’s free.

Watchup, the on-demand streaming news service that allows users to custom curate their own newscasts, launches today a completely redesigned version on iPhone.

In such an dramatic presidential campaign, Watchup 4.0 for iPhone allows users to create their own personal TV news channel. Watchup is a unique streaming news service that offers local, national and international video content from a wide range of 170 trusted news sources in one single app.

With the release of the new Watchup app for iPhone, users will be able to experience all the convenience and personalization of Watchup right in their pockets. “As Americans are striving for better information about the upcoming Presidential election, Watchup 4.0 is a news junkie’s dream come true”, said Watchup founder and CEO Adriano Farano.

In recent months, Watchup has expanded onto new platforms and secured content partnerships with a growing list of trusted news sources, making it simpler than ever before for users to watch the news they want, when they want it, on whatever device they choose.

Watchup features hundreds of editorial content partners, including prominent national and international news organizations such as Bloomberg, PBS, CNN, CBS Interactive, Financial Times, Fox News, Fusion, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and more. Watchup also features the local news from more than 100 TV stations representing more than 80 percent of all U.S. markets. In addition to partnerships with large national and international broadcasters, Watchup features the video content of digital-only sites catering to Millennials, including Fusion, The Verge, Vox, CNET, Gamespot, AJ+, Eater, and others.

In addition to iPhone, Watchup is available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and also rolled out a redesign of its Android app, named by Google one of the best of the year.

3x faster than before!

It only takes a couple of seconds for the app to play your newscast.

More real estate available

While scrolling, your video will shrink and keep playing.

Customize your queue

Whit drag & drop support, even in landscape.

See before you play

Use the tab bar to browse and add any video to your queue.