Expand your horizons with Watchup. Now redesigned for iPad.

October 26, 2016

Beautifully crafted by our award-winning team. Ready to stream news about one of America’s most iconic elections. Free.

Watchup’s streaming news service launches its redesigned 4.0 version on iPad. Watchup for iPad aims to the single best video news app on the Appstore. Thanks to the work of our team, video loading time on the app is now 3x faster. Our unique interface allows users to custom build their newscast all while watching.

Watchup represents a high-quality product that marries the obsession for innovation only a Silicon Valley startup can have with high level backing from companies like Tribune Media, McClatchy Newspapers and Turner Broadcasting who are all our investors.

Finally, in time for Election Day, Watchup is a news junkie dream come true. As America goes to the polls in one of the most iconic elections in a lifetime, Watchup aims to offer an unbiased, multi-channel, yet personalized platform entirely designed for video news consumption.

Launching our 4.0 version on iPad, a device that is both personal and easy to carry at home, offers you the chance to stream journalism from a variety of points of view. In an ever polarized public opinion, expanding one’s horizons is for us a battle worth fighting for.