Watchup is joining Plex!

January 31, 2017

“I’m so excited to announce that Watchup has been acquired by Plex so that, together, we can redefine the way people access and enjoy news on the screen of their choice.”

Watchup is joining Plex

For us at Watchup, it has been an amazing experience to be the first service to assemble an unprecedented amount of quality news content into one app. To date, Watchup streams no less than 3,000 videos a day from top publishers around the world. We are proud of the work our team has done, which has resulted in the app being named one of the Best Apps of 2014 by Google and receiving a Webby Award in 2016. I am also thankful for the support and the advice we received from our advisors and investors.

When we founded Watchup five years ago, we wanted to help people become better informed about the local community, country and world they live in. We knew more and more people were either cutting their cable subscription or, in many cases, deciding they would never pay for one. We also knew that accessing quality news information was a fundamental step to forge an informed public opinion. What we didn’t know was the pace at which both the media landscape and our democracy would be in the process of being disrupted.

In that context of rapid transformation and increased competition, we are proud to join a fast growing company such as Plex. Plex has already revolutionized the way people enjoy their personal media across an impressive array of devices. With the Watchup acquisition, Plex is making news a cornerstone of that novel media consumption experience.

Your favorite Watchup app will continue to be available for a few months, while we build a world-class news experience into all of the Plex apps. In fact, we just reshaped our Fire TV app, which is absolutely beautiful. But ultimately, the Watchup brand is going to be sunset so that with the entire team at Plex we can focus on one consistent strategy — building the best video news app. The journey continues.

Adriano Farano
CEO and Founder, Watchup

Read about the announcement on the Plex blog!

Watchup Timeline


Watchup is joining Plex

1. Watchup is still in beta in late 2012 but already manages to snag the Knight News Challenge at the MIT Media Lab.

Watchup is joining Plex

2. Watchup is featured on the Appstore in 2013 bringing to life a year worth of design and hacking.

Watchup is joining Plex

3. The only startup to be a finalist at two SXSW competitions in Austin is Watchup, also in 2013.

Watchup is joining Plex

4. CEO Adriano Farano announcing on Bloomberg the launch of local channels on Watchup in 2015.

Watchup is joining Plex

5. Plex CEO and Chief Product Officer meeting with Watchup’s team in Cluj, Romania in late 2016.