A unique second screen experience on Wii U

Watch a video on TV, read a related article on GamePad.

Personalize your experience

The more you use the app, the more it learns what news you like.

The first news app on Nintendo Wii U

Watchup is the only streaming news service available on Nintendo's gaming console.

Most trusted sources

A unique roster of national and global brands

How Watchup became the Wii U’s sixth streaming-video app

Watchup leverages two screens in innovative partnership with Nintendo Wii U

Watchup Launches on WiiU

Watchup Streaming News Launches Wii U App

User praise

Mark from Chicago

“Nice find! It also appears that the app makes use of the Wii U Gamepad and has Wii U exclusive features!”

Sarah from New York

“I was impressed with the international news content. In the USA we rarely see any news that isn't directly about the United States on TV.”

Jonathan from Pasadena

“I really like the related stories under each video. They have a ton of related articles to check out.”

Watchup for Wii U revolutionizes dual screen content consumption. Watching and reading news has never been so closely tied together.

Adriano Farano, CEO and co-founder
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